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Thread: Season 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    Not like I expected ...

    It's ok, the important thing is to win
    Italian Team, Season 18, Level 18

    5 Time Treble Winners
    (Season 3,12,14,15,17)

    16 League Titles
    Season 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17
    11 Champions League Titles
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    8 Cup Titles
    Season 1,3,9,11,12,14,15,17

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppturano View Post
    It's ok, the important thing is to win
    Yes, I'm happy for this 3 points
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    RR Cup qualifying round - 2nd leg

    SteauaPrietenel (3) 0-2 (3) Perfect Tactics

    SteauaPrietenel: 80.6, 4-4-2 | Perfect Tactics: 83.1, 4-1-4-1

    Perfect Tactics win 5-3 on aggregate

    This was such an important win for us considering a bad result in the first leg. We are through to the next round against SteauaPrietenel and it wasn't easy. It was a slow start to the match and both teams pretty much cancelling each other out. But we did have chances and really should have been 0-1 up in 20 minutes from Nascimento's 1 vs 1 position but he missed the opportunity. We took the lead through Warmwater, the assist going to Nascimento who passed the ball instead of going for goal himself. We needed a 2nd goal fast and a free kick was awarded to us, Suparman's cross was headed out for a corner, which counted as a double corner and Nascimento took full advantage and scored for 0-2. It settled nerves a bit but the last time we were 2 goals up we conceded 3 goals in a matter of minutes. This time our defence was on hand to stop any chances of our opponents getting a goal. Petric was immense and deserved getting MOTM for his defensive performance today, possible YPOTS award looms for him. Towards the end of the match, our opponents were slowly getting back into the game, a free kick missed and several long shots were blocked. We held on for a very impressive away win.

    Goals: Warmwater (28'), Nascimento (39')
    MOTM: Petric

    Season 15 - Level 15

    League Winners (14) - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    26-0-0 league (4) - Levels 3, 4, 7 & 8
    Undefeated in league (11) - Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14
    Cup winners (2) - Level 1 & 14
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

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    Royal Rumble Cup 2nd Round, 2nd Leg

    July Fourth 4-0 Liverpool

    July Fourth win 5-0 on aggregate
    July Fourth 142.6 4-4-1-1 - Liverpool 134.2 Hexagon

    Resting the first team last night in the Champions League seems to have revitalised July Fourth somewhat after a few struggles and disappointing results we finally put out a sound performance to beat a what is a said a decent Liverpool team, We took the lead through Miku breaking clear and setting up Watson to curl it in past the keeper just before, Liverpool had chances to get back into the tie but when we brought on Pietropaolo it was game over, firstly Pietropaolo dribbed past a defender and Petersen was there to finish it, Pietropaolo then went alone afterwards and scored by hitting it in off the post before there was a late 4th from a Petersen corner for Miku to get the header on to find the back of the net.

    Goals: Watson (43) Petersen (51) Pietropaolo (60) Miku (86) MOTM: Pietropaolo.

    Team Talk: We did what was expected from us this morning, now we await the 3rd round draw.
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    League, Round 4

    Gigi FC 0-1 United Til I Die

    Gigi FC 89.8 Hexagon - United Til I Die 97.5 4-4-2 then 3N-4-3

    Straight from kick off their DC is shown the red for a quite dreadful foul so they had a big hole at the back, on 4 minutes we took advantage when Kuntz scored after Bosch put his pass through that massive hole, into the second half they were all over us creating chance after chance but we defended well, on the hour I threw in an addition attacker to try to change the balance of play which helped and we gave them something else to think about but we held on.

    Goals: Kuntz (4) MOTM: Kuntz

    Team Talk: Tough second half, they were all over us with 10 men so had to change formation which helped a little.
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    League Runner Up 4
    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

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    Cup game in 30 mins. Won 3-1 home game, let's hope I get a way with a draw. Otherwise, forth early cup exit in a row

    Me Lv7 51Q vs Lv8 51.3Q
    LV1: League
    LV2: League, CL, Cup
    LV3: League, 3rd in CL
    LV4: League, CL
    LV5: League, CL
    LV6: League
    LV7: League, 2nd in CL

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    I have "given up".
    After a very shocking 3-1 loss to Hung FC in the Champions League, AEPRE FC boss have said that "The Champions League is still going to be cursed for us, as last night no one have earned 8 rating. A very poorly performing team in the Champions League. Islington Park is just a dream for us now, we can't get there". But the miracle may happen as well. As the 4 wins is strongly needed for the team to advance to the next round. For Chano Petersen, he seems to be rising up right now.
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    There goes my 800K for match rewards Y_Y ( a draw was much preferred). But then I shouldn't be complaining after all.

    4-1 on aggregate. Solid defending from our 5 defenders

    MOM Bradley (DC)

    Also, does anyone know where do we put the auto-subs for DMC and AMC ?
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    pant****ters is out of the cup despite winning 1-2 away (5-5 agg.). Another trolling pull out which sees us as pre determined defeated.

    Later on New Team will try change the 3-2 of the first leg playing home. Last time we forget about the match leaving our reserve team in + 2 injured players. Let's hope
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    League round 4

    We joined late in the game. We had a score from 1-4 for us when I joinded the match. I manage 1 goal. With this victory we have 17 goals made in 4 matches. We are on the top of the league on the goal advantage for us.


    9' Ovcin
    15' Brennan assist Fraile
    33' Esteve assist Fraile
    35' Altun
    68' Fraile freekick
    84' Soto long distance shot

    MOTM: Brennan

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