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Thread: Season 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrannaFt99 View Post
    Can I send you a friend request LOL!
    Don't want to be the only idiot thats not your friend
    Sure, as long as you don't set up any friendlies!
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    League Round 8 - AEPRE FC 5-0 Pro Catalonia 13
    Not a good result today, with McNamara out for 4 days without opponent getting booked! DANG IT NGE!!! Also a good debut performance for the Turkish/Swedish striker Abdullah Avicii.

    Estadio Aboulle is looking very lively than ever, as lately in the day AEPRE FC have welcomed the 2 players Leigh McNamara and Abdullah Avicii. They have been doing pretty well this time around.

    The match starts off with a bang! At the 4' Abdullah Avicii shoots from long-range while the manager is having a conversation with a 35T League member, the score is 1-0. Lots of long-ranged shots were made and all got blocked until the 25', Harold Portilla made the foul, yellow carded and a free-kick comes in from McNamara found the save of Rodrigo Larsson into the corner, as Torres crosses to McNamara just into the net, 2-0. But the shock of this match is that the NGE decided to injure McNamara with Luis Miguel Sierra, and Fernando Torres just missed the free-kick. No booking given, then in the 38', Fernando Torres with a great run to the goal, passes to Ivor Hardy into the back of the net. Half time score, 3-0.

    As the 2nd half was starting very boring until Carl Taut shows the yellow card, free-kick comes in from the opponent just wide. Three minutes later Carl Taut redeemed himself with a goal so that's made it 4-0. And final goal comes from Fernando Torres in the 70'. Full time 5-0.

    Team Talk Should have been 7-0 or more, but well, well, well. McNamara is playing next match for sure with 14 packs given to him.

    Odds after Match
    AEPRE to qualify for the Champions League 2/7
    AEPRE to win the title 33/1
    AEPRE FC 5-2MC/MR-1-2, 42' 5-2-1-2 X-style
    Pro Catalonia 13 4-1-3W-1-1
    Goalscorers Avicii 4' McNamara 25' Hardy 38' Carl Taut 54' Torres 70'
    Nordeus Man of the Match Torres (8)
    Manager Points 3-Hardy (8) 2-Torres (8) 1-Avicii (8)
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    League Round 8 - A Better Performance

    July Fourth 5-0 SWFC

    July Fourth 142.7 3N-5-2 V - SWFC 129.8 4-3W-1-2

    July Fourth have soundly beaten rock bottom club SWFC as they appear to be tanking the season with a record of 0-0-8 so far, We played Watson upfront as a ST as Pietropaolo was still recovering from injury and he didn't disappoint by putting us into the lead after being put through by Papaleo, Papaleo then doubled our lead after being put through from Petersen and again Petersen provided another assist from a corner in which Papaleo headed away to give us a 3-0 lead at HT, Papaleo should of got a hatrick early on in the 2nd half but it wasn't to be as with Watson who also braced in fine fashion with dribbling through on goal and slotting it past the keeper, Watson also himself had a fine opportunity to score a hatrick but put it wide, There was time for another goal when Watson once again did all the work and unselfishly played it to Petersen to tap-in for 5-0.

    Goals: Watson (3,67) Papaleo (19,39) Petersen (78) MOTM: Petersen.

    Team Talk: We have got another 3 points on the board and we put a little pressure on leaders les guerriers as they face a tricky game against Dersimspor tonight.
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    Great two days for Arsenal.League:


    I against the world xD

    Great game in the battle for first place.

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    Now is +40

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    League Match 8
    Dungeon Knights (45.7) using 3-5-2V 6-0 FC Kurdistan 63 (32.0) using 4-2-2ND

    It was a big game for us with a chance to make up some GD and that's exactly what we did. Once again we started to dominate later on in the game. This seems to be a trend and we seem to be taking time to get use to the speed of the game each time and are notorious for our strong finish in games.

    Scorers: Abbott (39'), Garlinski (40'), Abby (46'), Ding (49'), Crawley (82') and Cooper (90')
    Assists: Incognito, Leftfoot and Ding
    MOTM: Ding
    Injuries: None
    Cards: Velikov and Abby
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    Cup Titles (1) - Season 4
    Champions Titles (1) - Season 5

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    League Match - 8

    (48.1) FCB 11 - 0 Farhan FC (32.9)

    4-4-2 ND | 2n-2w-2n-1-3 (illegal formation)

    A Pavan (2', 49')
    Ammi (17', 20', 64' Ha-Trick)
    Wibowo (64')
    Master (42', 71', 72' Ha-Trick)
    M Pavan (82', 88')

    MOTM: Master

    Match Report:

    One sided game and easy win

    Team Talk: A Pavan's form continues.
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    Season 45-standings.jpg
    lost to arsenal fc 7-0 .. first lost from cup 2nd leg ..
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    2nd leg of the cup, playing away, and 1:0 behind, it was a hard task, like it was proved at the end.
    Little changed in tactic from 1st game, and the ST, since my Best one is injured.
    The game starts very balanced, with better opportunitys for my oponent, another adjustment in tactic, and my possession starts to raise, more chances and my ST Sequeira dribles everyone and makes a passe to my DC??? Rahman, what the hell is he doing there, but who cares, he scores. Mores chances for me, 1 substitution, but a draw at the end of 90 minutes.
    Still more possession but with 105 minutes nothing changes, besides he got a injured player. Then and the beggining of 2nd half of extra time, a free kick to me, my DC McDaid is Called to mark it, and its a goal, i am for the first time in front. Another sub to secure the result and i am in the last 16 with 2:1 in agregate

    My DCs solved the game and McDaid is MOM.

    In the league i was playing with the 1st and with only 45 minutes between matches, not many time to recover.
    Even so, i start with 60% possesion, but nothing, he has a double corner and is 1:0 in front, hes defenders are cutting evrything, no chance. Need to make substitution to refresh the Team, 69 minute and he scores the second. Ok, we still have have time, another sub, and we are dominating the game, we won a free kick, crossing to the área from McDaid and MC Graça with a Header scores, more atemptes and nothing.
    90 minutes we gaine a corner, is now or never, a crossing, Sequeira without Header and he puts wide, the game ends with a loss 2:1.
    we could done better, but the players were to much tired for that.
    With some games still to be played, we will probably lose the 2nd place, but tomorrow is another day.
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