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Thread: Struggling player

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    Struggling player

    I´ve got two 65 quality mid centers, one who is a Little the lesser player than the other is always getting 7 and 8 marks, yet the other is always getting a 5, can anyone suggest any reasons for this, i always have full condition and superb morale, and they play on the side that suits the foot they prefer using, i don´t know what to do to be honset, any help will be greatfully recieved, thanks guys and good luck for the final day tomorrow.

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    You can try changing side with the other to see how it goes, sometimes help or even out of position. I had a DMC that always get better notes playing as DC that a DMC, out of position.
    But most of the times, the system it is just not fair.

    I also have my teory that the most expensive players normally have better notes that the ones with lower prices.

    But for sure nobody knows.

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    No, I have some cheap old guys do well in my no moneys teams. MC DMC seem to get the worst ratings, besides GK. But like Dman said, try moving them around, this often helps. Playing them in friendlies can also be beneficial I think.
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