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Thread: Bug?

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    Yesterday i received 70 tokens.

    So i thought let's buy e nice player.

    I am on level 8.

    I did a bid this afternoon on defender.
    The bidding got out of hand.... REALLY

    3 bidders including my self.

    player worth 10 million: result in bidding;
    - 45 tokens gone
    - 40 million bidding

    I had 24 million in cash.

    And it was still going strong.

    Oke i was the one that pressed "BID" but how big are the changes meeting 2 other persons with that amount of tokens/money.

    It wasn't that a amazing player.

    Is this legal???

    What i mean is; i could do biddings higher then i got.(money)

    What i think, that the other persons were friends and drove up the price for a friend.

    I learned a lesson....

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    That's pretty much how bidding early in the season can go.

    You can can bid on a player so long as: your starting money is enough for initial bid, and you have tokens.

    If you go into debt to buy a player and don't invest or sell enough to cover, the game will in a week start selling your players, starting with the most expensive....
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