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    Is it only me or are there some time players in the transferlist that can't be bid on?
    I mean its kinda strange that mostly if i check the TL and see a player i'd actually think on bidding on that
    this player has no button to place a bid even if its still up for 1 hour or more.

    I kinda feel really pissed off because in the last 3 day...EVERY decent player i tried to get had this issue...
    and no it doesnt mean ALL players can't be bid on...only some. Sadly as mentioned mostly the better ones.


    PS: Some official statement would be in order (i know i'm dreamin)
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    Ive had same issue, one way i found around it was favourite him, then bid on him from the transfer market ( without clickiing on him ) There should be alittle button on the far right in the list. Green = winning. Red = not.

    Hope that helped
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