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Thread: Market flops

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    Market flops

    This morning i wake up early to try to buy some players, avoiding bid wars.

    Manage to spot a 5M DR 18yeas old 34Q 2SP to gain the 6*, higher value by far from all the other, a lot of 5* for 2 to 3M, manage to buy him, using only 1 Token, since he was 80% condition, i only trained him this afternoon.

    Practice match 31%
    Cardio 16%
    Streching 8%

    WTF? I cant believe my luck!
    I started to look, and the highest i seen so far was 6M, so shoudnt be so bad.

    Now a question, last season i manage to buy a 5* player with 34Q, fast trainer, in 4 days he gained the 6th star and slowed down the training as normal happen, this season he is again a 5* player, but he now trainer as the same rythm as a scout.
    Is this normal?
    He is now 21 years old.

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    Buy the highest transfer value these are the fast trainers!
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