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Thread: Want to see my Facebookfriends' games

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    Want to see my Facebookfriends' games


    Why can´t I find my Facebookfriend's games in the calendar?
    Can only see my T11 friends games

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    From the FAQ:

    "Why can't I see some friends fixtures or make offer by negotiation to some players?
    Why can't I watch some of my friends matches?

    Some of your friends that you may of added will play on different servers, therefore you wont see the friends fixtures in fixture list and any players will not currently have "make offer" on the bottom right, because you currently can't buy any players from different servers, also make offer is only possible on 3*/4*/5* players relative to your current manager level. You are also unable to watch friends matches on a different server to your own."

    The only way that I know to ensure you are on the same server is to have been FB friends and then start playing at the same time, or one invite the other(s) in.

    Closing this thread, a question that is already answered in the FAQ
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