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    progress points

    how come just lately i have bought a few players & the progress they receive towards skill points is very poor? for example they receive approx +5 for a 30% training session on high intensity & around +8 for playing a full competitive match (around +2 for a friendly). this compared to other players in my squad who pick up around +40 (average) for a 30% train and anything up to +200 for a competitive match. the players are fully fit, morale is superb, they play in their correct position & are aged 26. can anyone explain why they progress so slowly? its very frustrating as i am having to sell them on & replace them! thanks.

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    I had a player for about 2 seasons. For the first season and a half he was a constant first teamer, and he consistently got good ratings. Then he got a really long injury and he fell out of the first team. I got some better players and eventually I sold him. I really liked his name though, whenever I saw it I thought that is definitely the name of a football player. He was 24 when I signed him, and in those two seasons I don't think he ever got a single skill point. Or he might've gotten just one, my memory sucks, but basically every match he would improve either 1 or 2 points. Which is just

    I'd understand if he was 33 years old, but he was only 24.

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    You can get a good idea of how fast they will train by comparing price to similar on TL. The higher price, faster train.
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