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Thread: Nordeus are a joke.

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    Nordeus are a joke.

    MDKII closed my other thread why?

    I used the friendly request fiasco as an example as to why Nordeus are totally useless when it comes to implementing changes. If you actually done your job and didn't take 2 years to implement a simple change then people wouldn't have to keep starting threads about it.

    If you don't want to use the friendly stuff as an example how about the charging tokens to change players squad number?

    Can you give an answer as to why you are still charging tokens when you agreed to someones suggestion that it should be free and stated it was planned a YEAR AGO?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigB79 View Post
    MDKII closed my other thread why?
    The title of your previous thread was "This just shows how bad and slow Nordeus are" and the title of this thread is "Nordeus are a joke." I am fine with people discussing the frequency of updates. It's a good thing to discuss and it points out to us that it's an issue we should look at. However, starting discussions with such a tone doesn't lead to quality discussions. It leads to venting.

    If you would like a response to your questions, please think about how you phrase them, because we won't encourage members to act in this way and make them think such behavior guarantees them a response.

    Thread closed.