Hi all im new to topeleven.

I have started my first season and after losing my first game i have won the next 7 league games and all my cup games.

Transfers seem to be a good way or improving your squad buy low and sell high (free transfers) however im a little stuck on the training side of things.

I have a good young squad average age of around 23/25 with a few older players.

Prandana is one of my young wonderkids age 19 level 2 to start off with i now have him 3 star and just under 4 star after 8 games.

How do i increase this and replicate it with my other young players ?

The next thing i am stuck on is tokens and getting logo's and a decent kit. I complete the video challenges for tokens earning around 10 per day is there any way to get more without paying i like the challenge.

Any help or info would be great.

Im off to win my second leg of the cup playoffs 6-2 up

Hail the mighty Soccerama