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Thread: Slowest trainer player.

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    Slowest trainer player.

    Hey guys, pls post the slowest training player u have ever had. Post 4 how long u kept him, which position he played, how did he play, how u bought him, his age, etc,

    I will start-

    I bought this 29yo ML names John Carbon who was just 2 skill points frm 5 star. I thought he will get those 2 skill points within 5-6 matches. I had bought him on the 4th or 5th day of the season and he became 5 star on the 22nd day!!! He took about 20 matches to get the two skill point!!! I mean, my players about to retire with lower values were way faster than that!!! Next season he turned 4 star and I sold him on the first day. In the 28 matches he played, he scored none and assisted just one. I kept him as I cudn't buy another ML and I needed to make my MR play as he was very good and assisted many and even scored a lot. Next season, my MR retired so I sold my ML off and so changed the formation. Now I have and play only MCs!!! LOLs

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    Had lots of them in my season 2...Most notable would be my 26 yr old Welsh central midfielder...He was a 54 q guy who was one away from 6 * and since he was a fringe player I made an offer of 3 t just to try my luck..Next day I get a message saying my bid was accepted...I played this Welsh guy for 2 complete seasons and he wasn't that bad....Sold him off finally when he was 29 yrs (56 q) on day 1 of the new season.

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    Steve Mir a MC 2* youth I got from the academy, He trained very slowly and wouldn't even get a skill point/day on average as an 18 year old.

    I kept him for a while to play in friendlies when farming for some extra boosters...

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    Yes, my first free youth was really terrible. I only kept him a few days, I didn't make a picture for him. I hope he did better for the guy who bought him!
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    My first 2* from youth academy was really awful trainer, he only gaine 15% doing a practice match, i sold him imediatly, so he was in my Team only a few hours.
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