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Thread: Should I sign my youth player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cracicot View Post
    they are almost never worth it unless you cant buy the same on the transfer list.
    I usually sell my worst player to sign the free one and I usually would buy the replacement for this worst player first. Kill two birds with one stone. If I tank the season, I might think of signing the 24T one, but only if l cant find a comparable on the transfer market. I did recently for 1 token, got a 4* backup GK that was actually better than the 24T GK 4*, but cost me $23M and one token instead of NOTHING and 24T. So it all depends on your needs and situation.
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    To be honest aftet today I give up. First of all I had 1 game today against the bottom of the league. He had one win alk season and lost the rest. My team is way stronger than his and I played my strongest team who were all 99% fit but I lost 3-1. Now I know there can be freak results but once again my keeper gets a rating of 6 and my 4 defenders get 8's!!!! So my defenders played well but lost 3 goals? Only my striker had a bad rating of 5.

    Second of all ive been having messages with someone from Nordeus support since Friday about the friendly fiasco and so far he has told me that I can reject friendlies despite me telling him I arranged a game and tried to cancel straight away but it wouldn't let me because it was too close to kick off and I asked if he could explain that. He then told me there is restriction of 3 hours between competition matches but the next day told me it was 15 minutes.
    He also told me it takes 2 years to implement the friendly change because they have to check for bugs!!!!

    This guy is just confirming what I thought....Nordeus do not have a clue!!!!

    Get it sorted pronto Nordeus!!!!!

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