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Thread: 6 games to the title! (S45)

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    17pts clear from the 2nd pos. Very likely to seal the title tonight.

    Screenshot will be updated later since I couldn't do it using company laptop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    July Fourth League Run-in...

    Assuming that les guerriers win all their remaining games we must win 3 of the following fixtures below to win the title
    SWFC (A)
    Dersimspor (H)
    Milo Academy (A)
    QPR (H)
    Fc Alesd 2011 BH (A)

    I'm quite confident that we can get the wins needed to seal another league title.
    Update since this...

    les guerriers lost their game in hand yesterday evening and this means that July Fourth can be crowned champions should we beat SWFC and les guerriers lose against Dersimspor today. July Fourth are 2 wins from wrapping up the league title assuming les guerriers win all their remaining games. Let's be honest here... The league is a foregone conclusion, just a matter of waiting to be mathematically champions.
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    The last 6 games we face the next opponents

    Today JC's
    Tommorow Andre FC
    16/10 The nr 2 Skinkesvinet FC the only revival for us
    17/10 FC Sasuke
    18/10 Galatasaray S.K
    19/10 Patricia FC

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    6 games to the title! (S45)-screen-shot-2013-10-14-07.48.13.jpg

    My league has 6 other Egyptian teams in it that all support the team called RedEagle. This is a screenie of the last time we played.

    6 games to the title! (S45)-screen-shot-2013-10-14-07.54.47.jpg

    I have been hanging on to that point lead now for ages. We play again tonight.......

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    I am going to have my worst finish (5th -7th) in since season 1
    and my brother account is going to finish 4th

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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    mine has not included last game but the 6 games from today

    yep nothing to do with food but bet it got your attention lol

    i`m talking about my run in with next 6 games, at the moment i`m top on goal dif by + 4 and 6pts clear of 3rd who i have today so fitness an morale at full and win bonus set, so my 6 games are,

    today 3rd 6pts clear - won 3-0 now 9pts clear
    monday 2nd gd - won 3-2 now 5pts clear
    tuesday 7th 18pts clear
    wedsday 8th 18pts clear
    thursday 5th 11pts clear
    friday 6th 15pts clear

    non of the games easy as they are trying to get that 4th spot and champions league from 5th to 8th

    edit; in all this time i`v played this has to be my toughest finish

    now 9 clear of 3rd with 6 games left and 3 clear of 2nd with a +7 GD but they play later against 8th, so tomorrow`s game is the one i`l be happy with drew away, i did beat them earlier in the season 2-1 at home
    beat second in league away 3-2 which now put`s me 5 pts clear at the top

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    Berkshire Utd just won today's league game 8-0 and has now a 21-0-0 record. Depending how the second placed team will do today we will seal the title either today and tomorrow. The goal-difference is 114-6

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    it's really hard, we have one point less than our opponents (Hasper sv) and we played a game more.

    also the Turkish team Tumenoglu SK is ahead of us in the standings if he wins today's match

    I think the favorites for the title is Tumenoglu SK.

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    Our match against Rhenlcho FC today will determine the winner.

    It's an abandoned team so i'm expecting a big win.

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