I've found a way to play top eleven on the tablet. I know many of you have trouble playing the game on the tablet because of no flash but here is the solution.

1. First go to google play and download the Photon Flash player and browser.

2. Next open the browser and go to facebook then click on the lightning bolt in the corner.

3. A popup will appear and you should select "continue with ads"

4. Proceed to log in. Sometimes it will bring up a security page because you're logging in from a different browser, just fill in the security checks and you'll be able to log in.
5. Open the top eleven app. It will take some time to load on the first time playing on the tablet.

6. Play the game!

You do get ads but just press the X to remove

It's a little more fiddly to play than on a PC but you knew that already. To move a player around, hold down and drag across the screen.