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Thread: Awful shooting stats

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    Awful shooting stats

    Ok this season my strikers have let me down,not getting enough goals but my shooting stats n matches are awful last game i had 16 shot yet only 4 yes 4 on target and this as been a regular occurrence recently.

    Last match stats:
    Awful shooting stats-poor-shooting-stats.jpg

    My 2 strikers:
    Awful shooting stats-striker-1.jpg Awful shooting stats-striker-2.jpg

    Any ideas why this has suddenly started happening?
    Will these 2 improve or should i sell them and buy new ones?
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    Wait till next season. If they r not good in the first few games, sell them ASAP!!!

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    i had same problem with striker 19yrs old and couldnt score as it should i sold it and bought older one and now im fine 6 matches 11 goals

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    Try to balance the attack and physical and mental on your ST's

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    sell your strikers, so someone spend tokens and buy him. Then buy new strikers, so you will spend some tokens. This is what this game is about. There is no logic why your strikers can't hit a dinosaur. The only logic to this game is spending tokens and make other people spend more tokens.

    I am sorry, but this is the truth about this game...

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    This season my striker is so bad, I was disqualified from CUP and C1
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