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Thread: Player Performance

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    Player Performance

    How can I improve this player's Performance?

    I have played him in every MC position and so far no good.

    Player Performance-untitled25.jpg

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    he has only played one game in the league and CL, give him time. the problem with everyone today is the expectations of instant success and impatience. Chillax!
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    I don't think ive ever had a good MC. They either have an average rating of around 6.9-7.1 or they are absolutely rubbish. I've had 2 scout players similar to yours. I gave them good runs in the team, played them in their right position, kept they morale and condition very high but both their average ratings were 5!!!! And that was in teams that won the league very easily and the rest of the team were over 7.

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    Or maybe he is destined to failure?
    If he continues to play like that, then there is nothing you can do but sell him
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    It seems, for whatever reason, central midfield is the hardest posiion to get good ratings from. It's certainly true in my case, and I've seen a lot of people state this too. My defenders get high ratings, my forwards get high ratings, and attacking midfielders. Also defensive midfield for me are a battle. When my defensive midfielders get 7s I'm happy. I got a great defensive midfielder on the transfer market the start of last season, he plays left right and centre. So far this season he's had one 8 and the rest 7's. Given that its been so hard to fill his role, I'm delighted I got him. He's my third favourite player(behind the big two, my 1st signings in season 1)

    My central midfielders have wild form. One match 8, the next 5, etc. Tho this season I got a scout who so far has had three 8's, three 7's, 3 goals from 6 matches, and a MoM.
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    Really. I agree with u all. MC rarely get above 7. They mostly get 6 even if they play good ad score and assist. Dunno why????

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    Make MCs the heart and lungs of your team and they will ave 7.5 ie.. 6 , 7 ,8,9 . After all try are the work horses of the team or I'm I wrong?

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    I have many problems with MC and DMC, mostly I wind up playing them OOP sometimes and see if they want another role, and also I have played with their skill points and sometimes that helps...
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    save them for next season.. my ST had a terrible first season but this season no one can stop him from scoring.. but still as craciot said he played only 4 matches if he continues like that then i think you should just train him and not let him play.. Save him for next season maybe he will do better
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