I have to post this early because this is the anniversary league. There will be 56 members in 4 leagues. Remember that it will starts exactly on May 4, 2013, which is 7 seasons away from now.

This league will be hosted by me, as CarlTaut allows me to. This will marks the 1st anniversary of when the original 35T League Edition 1 was formed.

There will be 4 super league groups (which I will call them "conference"). There will be a total of 56 teams. This will prevent outsiders from ruining the league and give shock results to the member teams.

Server: To be announced later

Rules for the new 35T League
1. No token buying/farming are allowed. Tokens must come from the "Extra for Dedication" offer, which means you'll have 35T for one season if you didn't spend any (40T budget at Level 1 includes 5 starting tokens). You can save tokens from the current season to use for the next season as well. The good token management will be better for teams.
2. Videos for anything is not allowed.
3. You are not allowed to add Facebook accounts outside the league, with some exceptions. Ingame friendships with random people are not allowed.
4. Friendlies must be mutually agreed between two members.
5. When you created Facebook account DO NOT launch T11 yet. On the new season day I will give you a signal to start your team, which is approximately 9:30 ICT. You should add people from your conference (league signup will close on April 20, 2014, which is Week 2 of a season before. I need a confirmation from all the people signed up within that week. After the confirmations all accepted. Any unconfirmed teams will be removed from the league and the groups drawn up.
6. You must post the screenshot of tokens used for anything (transfers, renaming, pack buying, etc.) in the group on Facebook.
7. To prevent teams that will soon to be inactive, you'll need to be active on the forum for at least 1 week to sign up.
8. The Edition 3 of the 35T league will last for 14 seasons. So please be as much active as possible.

Participant list