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Thread: Supporters increase possession of a match and is important

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    Supporters increase possession of a match and is important

    As advised by our esteemed administrator, I have started a new thread on supporters club. Those who wish to derail the topic especially by insulting fellow forumners will be reported.

    My discussion is that supporters increase possession of a match and possession is important in winning matches. This is because with possession, opportunities to attack goal abound. Without possession, even if you have the best strikers will be useless. So supporters in a match are important

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    You only get 15% support no matter how many people support you.
    Usually you just make friends with people then they support you and you them,I don't think i'm that desperate for support that i would canvas for it.
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    Possession means nothing if you dont do anything with it. I've won games when my opponent has a 11% bonus in his favour.
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    Possession is only one small part of the game, i already won games were the other manager had suporters, even without watching the game.

    The only thing you can count is that If you suport my oponent i will suport yours, the same number of times you do that.
    Yes i take it very personal. But its part of the game.

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    As stated above, bonus possession doesn't effect much. And 2-3 in game friends r enuf as u can still not get more than 15% no matter how many people support u.
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    Rubbish. Possession in T11 means nothing. I've played against teams who have supporters 'helping' them and they have had way more possession and yet I won. And this has happened numerous times. The best one was a game I didn't watch and my opponent who had a slightly better team than me had 5 friends watching and he had 65% possession but I beat him 4-1!!!!

    So supporters at games and possession mean nothing.
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    I have had countless draws against teams even when I get 70-80 percent possession.

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    As I have said before, I find supporters at my games a hinderance rather than a help.

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