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Thread: How to get in the same league with my friends

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    How to get in the same league with my friends

    I have few friends playing this game, same level, how to get in the same league?
    Last season me and one friend were in same league, rest of them in random leagues.
    This season we are all in random leagues.
    It would be more fun to be in same league, since we are friends in facebook and in the game, and all same level.

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    Seems like this could be abused to get multiple teams into the same league then give the favored team an easy victory against them all.

    Id usually say no one has the kind of life that they would feel the need to do this. But I've seen it. As South Park said games like these attract those who have no life.

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    My friends and I all joined together without inviting one another and somehow made it into the same league last season. We all got promoted and are now in the same level 2 league. Maybe it's just random where you are placed?

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    It depends on if you are on the same server (if you all joined from the same time and in generally same locale, it is likely (but lucky) you are on the same server.)
    If you have other friends than they who play, who are on the same server as you this can change what league you are in, also too I believe Q can be a determinant if their are enough on a server for that. This is my opinion from my own experience with RL and in-game friends.
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