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Thread: nordeus is crazy

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    excitement as the more injury, haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    Like Leavemyarselona said, it can happen even in real life.
    Sorry Pricop, you need a vacation from this forum and this game. It is funny that someone gets an assist on a MISSED PENALTY because it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! You cant even get an assist on a successfully converted penalty.

    This just goes to show to actual football knowledge, or lack thereof, of the management and programmers at Nordeus.

    If they let this one pass, it just proves that there are many other things that they dont understand or dont care about the game. This is something that scares me, seriously. They have people who dont know the game doing the programming. But even WORSE is that management or some kind of manager is supposed to go over the details and game first and approve everything in the game before it is released to the public and somehow this got missed??? Lets not even go into providing proper statistics for GK, like cleansheets or saves or penalty saves....when were they going to put this into the game??? This should have been in the game from day 1.

    Nordeus, FIX YOUR FACKING GAME!!!! THIS IS EMBARRASSING FOR YOU!!! These are errors that should never see the light of day simply because they are so easy to fix!!! EASY!!! How can you not give a shit about something like this when it shows that you are either ignorant about the game or you dont care about the product that you advertise with Mourihno's face? If he knew about all these embarrassing things, do you think he would want to be associated with this? I think an email to Mourinho is in order, with some screenshots. I'm serious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raykco View Post
    The "assist" you mentioned, was the opposing 'keeper, who must have saved the shot, instead of the striker missing.
    Even if it is the opposing keeper who assisted on the missed penalty....REALLY? it doesnt make sense to even put the info, regardless of what it means. we know already who was in as GK when the penalty was taking place if we read the rest of the useless game report.

    there are so many small errors in the game its embarrassing, and this just set me off. I wont even start about the stupid 3-6 hours you should have between games...why dont they let me play 26 league games in a row? Lets play them all in one day! Then for the other 25 days I can have a life and live outside the computer and not have a reason to come to the forum and complain. I might go to the forum of my water company and complain about the water being shut off for a few hours overnight, exactly when I dont need it. FAcking nerve of them.....
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