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Thread: I really need some stuff.

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    I really need some stuff.

    Hey guys,,

    I need some stuff.
    The first important thing is that i need some red packages for my injured 2 best players.
    I only have 2 but need much of them.
    Im a level 1 beginner standing 1st on competition and quarter final of the cup right now.

    My best midfielder and one of my strikers are injured and i really need one of them.
    Can someone help me? Im new into the game.
    Also i need packages for condition at the moment.
    But the red packages are more important for me.

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    Try to see videos to gaine some, not available in some countries.
    Ask for your friends to send them as gifs, you can receive one of each one from them.
    try to have a full squad of 22 players, to avoid using red packs.
    Play friendlies to win them, like as in the oficial games.
    For the last change tokens for packs, but try to avoid this, tokens are very precious in this game.

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    Also consider just buying a temporary replacement if you have the squad space, sometimes this is cheaper/easier than getting enough booster packs to heal. It always helps being able to rotate out players to "save" them for important games, too, so a large enough squad is important.

    If you want to add some game friends, visit this thread:
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    Buy temporary some players, wait for the new season
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