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Thread: Negotiation Question

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    Negotiation Question


    I don't understand how my player become negotiable
    I am in level 4
    i have a player with quality 39 (5 stars) and needs only one skill point to be of quality 40 (6 stars)
    is this the case that the player become negotiable??
    if so
    how i put him in the negotiation list or it become autoassigned to the negotiation list??
    and if it become autoassigned
    where to decide his price and his to tokens to be transfered
    and why there is no offers for him
    is he invisible till i make something


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    all player`s that are 1 skill from next star will auto go on neg list you won`t able to see them on your own list though and when someone does bid there will be handshake mark beside said player being bid so you click on that to see what the offer is and this is where you can either decline offer or put your own price on for the other player get,

    as you get up level`s then say you have 4 star player who`s one skill away from 5 star then teams lower than you can bid on neg list at the moment it`s only 4 and above can do this so no level 3 teams can bid