I saw this guy last season when I went to bid for a free agent GK as u may know if u read my posts on the 'level 5' Thread, I desperately needed cash. I saw this guy and I had time and checked his team and this is what I found-

Is he making a shop of Goalkeepers????-gk.jpg

Really???? 5 Goalies???!!!! There r 3 in this pic. He had 1 playing, a good 4* player and had another one. I guess I lost those pics as well. And even 3 sub keepers r too much and he was going for another one??? Why??? Is it a bot??? I had clicked a screenshot of the auction screen where he had bid for this free agent keeper but don't know how it is not there.... maybe I deleted it along with the other two related screenshots while deleting some pics. But, even this is too much!!!!