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Thread: Switch from Iphine to Android

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    Switch from Iphine to Android

    I love this game and I have been playing it since maybe the beginning of the summer.

    I used to play it under my iphone and without a facebook account (don't have one).
    Yesterday I switched to Android and do not have any other apple product. Is there a way to manage the same team, just by using the name using my new Android samsung?

    Appreciate the answers.

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    The only way to play by using multiple platforms (or to move one team from one phone to another) is to connect your Facebook-less team with Facebook. To do so, follow these steps: while playing with your team on your iPhone, a small window will pop up asking you if you want to link your club to Facebook.

    If you already have a Facebook account, your club will be automatically connected. But if you don’t, Facebook will ask you to open a new account. After you have done this, log into your Android phone and connect to Facebook when prompted. You will have your iPhone team now. You can play with this team on any device now, as long as you link the game with your Facebook.

    Important: since your team is originally on a mobile device, do not start a new team on Facebook before you link your device. If you have a team on Facebook and a different team on your mobile device, when you link the two, the Facebook team will overwrite your mobile team permanently.