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Thread: Blue and Red arrows

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    Blue and Red arrows

    Whats the EXACLY meaning od the arrows? What would happen if i use my DC with blue arrows?

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    It is meant that red - go to attack, and blue - remain in defense. But it is a full hogwash! By experience of my team - and defenders participate in attacks and quite often score goals!

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    IMO it's really hard to access wether any movement of the players actually takes place during the game, for all we know they could well be rooted to the position on the board you place them. The game may just pick names at random and attribute the move to them. Ever noticed when using a DL for instance to take corners, the defender clears the danger long clearance up field only to cleared or makes a tackle he was the last man, yep! the DL. lol
    WE all know the comment and passages of play that score goals, as an example this morning I was playing 3-4-1-2 with normal mentality against 3-2-2-3 two of the goals came from the DC widest of the three both assisted by the centre DC.
    Work that one out, there is no way they should have been anywhere near the 6 yard box but they where as both goals were toe pokes.
    All three DC's had down arrows on them.
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    I often see my Striker as "the last man to beat"
    In a game last night I watched a guy's striker block 4 or 5 shots.
    WTH are they doing back there???