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Thread: Player negotiations

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    Player negotiations

    When a player is subject to a bid from another team it shows the amount of money and tokens offered. For example I have just received a bid of 80.8m plus 2 tokens for a player.

    My player is worth 76.2m so it's not a bad cash offer but I'm confused as to how many tokens I will receive as when I have put in an offer for players it normally has 6-8 tokens to put the offer in.

    Many thanks.

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    You will receive 2 tokens. The 6-8 tokens is only if an offer already exists that player. You then have to pay at least 6-8 tokens in order to get involved in the bidding process.

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    below is what i wrote on another thread about this

    the min you can offer is how ever many tokens it say`s beside player you want so i,e their`s 9 beside, that goes Nordeus so you can make no tokens to player and the 9 goes to Nordeus, then after that you offer player say 1 token but 2 get`s added to the 9 so in all you are spending 12 tokens 1 to oppo and 11 too Nordues and the most you can offer to oppo is 20 tokens but Nordeus will also get 49 tokens so total is 69 tokens and this does not include the cash that the oppo will receives from you
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