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Thread: how does the "Negotation tranfer" works ?

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    how does the "Negotation tranfer" works ?

    hi all,i wanted to know how could i buy tokens by the "Negotations" ?
    i have made also higher offer but again and again i couldn't buy any is this possible?
    i am in level 5,who can help me by telling what i have to do for buying a player on "negotations" ??? Thnx !!

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    I just bought 1 player from this sistem. I chose a team from my league and a player that I liked ( An st 19 year old, with almost scout level). Then I made a 21 token offer, wich I was saving for the scout ( it wasn't worth it.) and that gave a total of 6 tokens and about 125% of the player's market value to the other team. You have to choose a team that you think is active and needs money and token. Then just make the offer and wait for the player's response. They have 24 hours to do it.

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    You can bid what ever you like but until the seller accepts the bid, either the offer expires or he rejects the bid.

    If he wants to sell, you will get a message saying "selling price set" this means he is prepared to sell but not at your offer or at he side of the green clock timer you will now see a shopping trolley.

    You then click on the tab 'your offer, the slide bar that you used to make the original offer you need too increase your bid, from here on in for every token extra you offer him your token cost will double as Nordeus also take one, you just keep then upping the offer until you find the price he has set.

    So lets say the original offer was 9 you then moved the slide bar so he gets 5 in total that's 19 it will cost.
    The maximum the slide bar goes to is 20 which also doubles his selling price above the market value on his bio page.

    So if it is a 5* your after chances are he's last seasons scout so the guy probably paid around 5m and 50 tokens to get him at the maximum offer it will cost you.

    EG. 23yo ST market value 5m

    9+20+20= 49 tokens + 10m.

    Now compare a current scout player of similar age.
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