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Thread: 4-5-1 V MCs Poor Performance

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    4-5-1 V MCs Poor Performance

    Hello people, its the 1st time I post on this forum although I 've visited many times.

    I generally play the beloved 4-5-1V and I am quite pleased with this formation. I have a problem though. For many seasons now, both my MC players got poor performance in almost all matches. And by poor I mean 4-5 and sometimes 6. I 've tried young ones (19-20) experienced ones (29-30), always the same. They always are at 5 stars and some times 6 stars.

    Does it have to do with my formation? Let it be noted that along with 4-5-1v I usually play passing from sides and not mixed. Is it because of that? Or is it just bad luck in picking those players and I should sell them until I find a good one?

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    I started a thread a while ago about MC. For some reason very few people get a good MC who gets good ratings. Couple of seasons ago I even tried buying 2 scout MC after about 23 games their average ratings were 5.3 and 5.4, which is joke. In 13 seasons Ive never had a good MC.

    I don't think it's anything to do with what you do its more to do with the way the crappy program has been written.

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    when player's form decrease. he must be out of starting 11. i have many MC whose form are excellent( 7-8-9) but he couldn't keep it more than 30 matchs. after that, bench him, play him out of position(AM, ST) in friendly match till he get 7 in at least 3 match consecutive. now you can let them return your squad
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