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Thread: No time to rest?

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    No time to rest?

    Ok, that's bit strange. I have matches everyday? When im supposed to rest my players like that? Yes, i have other players and i change them, but still it's not enough. Some days u have like 2 matches in row? How im supposed to use the traning when i can't let them to lose more health... All my players are like 50-60 % health. Yes, you have those healing potions or what they are, but im getting now only 1 from won and if i want more, looks like that i need to pay in real money. And that's boring having matches everyday, when you are bulding the stadion for 15 days. Is there any strategy or what? That's boring like that. There should be days for rest.

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    No, T11 Never sleeps, If you are in all 3 competitions you always will 2 games per day, the exception is day 1,2 and 20.

    One seasons ends, the other starts in the next day.

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    Its a bit of a balancing act trying to keep your players as fit as possible, without using green packs.

    I never do any training or play any friendly matches until my competitive games are done for the day. If I have two games in close proximity to each other I look to mix the players I use up a little bit, with subbing the least fit players if possible in the first game.

    I think the key is to not just look at when you play next, but when you play again after that game and trying to plan fitness around that.
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