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Thread: The experiment - Form is temporary, class is permanent

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    The experiment - Form is temporary, class is permanent

    Okay so at the beginning of this season i decided to experiment with a friend (not literally) and our findings will be quite helpful to many.

    At the beginning of the season we both took 3 players that either performed badly always or were having form issues. My choice was a striker that had not performed well at all - A CM that had played 22 games and only scored 2 goals and the third was a CAM that did extremely well 2 seasons ago but had failed to score at all last season despite playing half of the games.

    ST - Neymar - last season - PL 19 - SC 5 - POS ST
    - Neymar - This season -PL 15 - SC 23 - POS CAM

    CM - Xavi - Last season - PL 22 - SC 2 - POS - CM
    - Xavi - This season - PL 13 - SC 13 - POS - LM

    CAM - Isco - Last season PL 11 - SC 0 - POS - CAM
    - Isco - This season PL 15 - SC 19 - POS - ST

    My friend has likewise results - Its almost as if playing a player out of position breaks the form cycle. Now whilst this may just be coincidence as the stats occurred over two seasons its worth a try. If you have an under achieving player try moving him into a different position, people are too sceptical about this and assume you can't play players in any other position other than his stated position, where as i look at this as more of a preferred position rather than a position a player has to be played in all the time.

    This also saves money buying new players all the time as although you may get your money back for a player you still lose tokens.
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    Now that i think of it o have a ML AML that in first 2 seasons, on bought achived the scout level, just perform well half the season, last season i was low at MCs, so he played almost all season as MC and with great results. This season he is back at His spot and at this moment he s my top scorer and assister.
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    wouldn't you like to know :P
    hmm.. I have tried mc highest scout player whos getting 5 level scores a game in all his mc roles ... even tried ml and st .... not tried right side yet ..
    no info for you my watchers :P