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    I start playing the game in Oktober together with some friends.
    Besides that I got 14 facebookfriends in the game.

    My question is about watching matches of my friends.
    When I go to matches of friends I can only see matches of, i believe, 4(random) out of my 14 friends.
    And the matches I can see are from facebook friends which I do not see that much and are not the matches from friends which I would like to watch.

    How can I watch and get the friends I would like to join during their games in the 'matches of friends'.
    And how do I get the matches of friends which I never watch out of this part (so I can see other friends matches).

    Thankyou in advance


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    I am sorry to say it cannot be changed right now, you have to be on the same server to watch the fixtures.
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