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Thread: Financial control of teams in transfer

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    Financial control of teams in transfer

    When I am buying players, I noticed many other users who bid for the players do not have sufficient budget to buy the players. However, they are still allow to bid for the players.

    I feel that teams that do not have money to meet the players price valuation should not be allowed to bid for the players. As UEFA comes up with the financial fairplay rules, I feel that NORDEUS should encourage teams not to overspend as it is not good for the team finance on the long run. I recommend NORDEUS should prohibit teams to bid for players once their transfer budget cannot afford for the players they intend to buy.
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    I agree with you but here came an other problem, you are using tokens too not just moneys and it's kinda unfair to lose all those tokens which you bid for the player just because you went out of moneys.

    I still support your idea but I don't think it's the best one and things should stay how is now.
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