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Thread: Abondend Teams

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    Abondend Teams

    Not sure about you guys, but I am in level 3 and almost every team in my league is abondent. The only active managers would be me and my two friends, same thing in the Champions league and in the cup.

    What is y'all's experience this season?
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    In the lower leagues, most teams are abandoned as people start playing and then get bored and quit. Once you get up to the higher levels you'll see more and more dedicated and active managers. In the 4 games I've played so far this season, All the managers have been active and watched the game. So its just a matter of time :P

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    When you see active players send them a friend request. Then next season you will likely be in a league with them. I have around 60 friends now, all of them complete strangers in reality. My league is completely made up of top11 friends, and is very active.

    An excellent way to find active players it to just look at who is bidding in auctions. But also explore other leagues. Look at the leagues of other teams in your cup and CL, the top teams are often active.
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