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Thread: how much do you charge?

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    how much do you charge?

    I'm looking to get the maximum attendance at my matches. Currently I charge $30 for all competitions. That gives me max attendance and about $3.5 million at level 21 Does your league position affect it?

    Also does the round of the competition also affect it?

    lastly how much do YOU charge?

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    Sorry I'm not as high as you but level 3 I charge $6 and get full attendece but at the beggining at the season I lost 2 games and the attendence dropped so yes I know for a fact if you're not doing well it will drop like now 4 wins in a row and it went back to full attendence so I'm thinking about going up since I'm doing so good
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    Yes attendance is affected by your form, ur opponents Quality, the competition(u can keep it higher for Cup and have to keep it a bit lower for League).
    At Level 9, i charge $10 for League, $11 for CL and $12 for Cup Playoffs.
    I will increase the CL charges to $11 when the Round of 16 of CL starts and i will increase the Cup price to $13 for Semis.

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