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Thread: Selling Scouts/players

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    Selling Scouts/players

    This is my 10th season so like most I am addicted to the game but annoyed at various scams.

    Just sold another scout player that I bought 3 seasons ago and this time I watched the auction , with 2 bidders the auction ended early n I barely got the market value AGAIN.

    Most of my players are scouts as I refuse to get in the false bidding war that definitely has Nordeus bidders to dwindle down your tokens and money. How many times have you won a player on your last token?

    I have lots of friends that play the game and NOBODY ever has sold a player where it becomes a bidding war and receive loads of cash. All the players sell just below market value.

    This is totally unacceptable Nordeus and another way of scamming your customers.

    I have also noticed recently that its only possible to get 4- 5 tokens a day and whilst watching the videos I am receiving lots of viruses and auto tool bar add ons that keep corrupting my pc.

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    for my first time, it just happened to me to sell a player and have a "bid war", just posted here a hour ago. :-)

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    There is also no such thing as bidding bots or bids from Nordeus happening in the transfer market.

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    Videos will not install adware, but some of the offers will.
    There is no such thing as bidding bots, how ridiculous would that be.

    If you want a bidding war sell your guys early in the season during the day. I am usually happy to get near market value, so I don't bother with when I sell them, but it can make quite a difference. Usually I have found that STs and triple roles are most likely to cause a stir on the market, all my triple role guys sell for good money.
    I have never went to my last token for a player.
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