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Thread: SA does it work, or does it ruin your player?

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    SA does it work, or does it ruin your player?

    Am i the only one who has experienced that a player drops in performance, as sone as they train a SA.

    Worst cases for me are midfielders that scored often and had a avarege rating of 7+
    after SA they rate 4-5 every match and doesnt score as often. (playmakers, corner specialists and driblers)

    strikers with one to one scorer absurdly scores less than without SA.

    Games har harder to win if you have many SA player?

    is this a common issue, or just me?

    my conclusion so fare, is that SA is a token wast.

    Please comment, with your experience.

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    S/A's do seem to be able to ruin players. I've been saving those little traffic cones up all season to give my best striker o2o scorer ability, managed to add it a few days ago and now my striker has suddenly turned rubbish. This is his 3rd season with me, never scored below a 7 rating before, and now with new ability only scores ratings of 4's and 5's, and he can't put a shot on target any more. pffff.

    So S/A's seem to ruin some players. Unless it's just a case of them getting used to them. But at the moment I'm feelings I wasted all my little orange cones to only make a player worse.
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