Hi everybody

Can anyone answer my question ? I give you first some explanations...

Each month, I try a new tactic to improve my team... to finally never win any cup or champion league (CL).

- Level 1, I enter in T11 a the end of season and win the local league
- Level 2, I was 2nd in the cup with a poor team, win the Local League and was quickly eliminated in the CL.
- Level 3, with no idea how to develop tactically a new team, I bought players yet everytime in the season and get 3rd place both in CL and local league. high opponent in cup and immediatly eliminated.
- Level 4, I wait the third day to buy 6 stars players. Hard stuff, but winner of the local league and 3rd place in CL. High opponent in Cup and quickly eliminated.
- Level 5, I sold my players 2 days prior the end of this new season, win easyly local league, and eliminated at top 16 both in Cup and CL.
- Level 6, same tactic with solding 2 days prior this new season, win hardly the local league, made two management blunders both in Cup and CL at 1/4 final.
- Level 7, same tactic in solding players + bought young and strengh players 2 days prior the new season + bought 6 stars players first day of the new season.... results at day 18, in local league I hardely am at the 6th place (other teams are similar to mine in strengh), eliminated at top 16 in cup, eliminated in group at CL by lower teams.

So I know I don't understand pretty well yet management tactics and it is a great part of my disillusionment !

But can we expect to be in a hard league if we bought "good" players too soon in the season ?
Do you have any tips, advices, to avoid a hard local League, to ease a good way both in Cup and CL ?

Thank you very much for your help.
5 local league for me but no win on other competitions (1 final in cup, 2 semi-finals in CL only)