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Thread: vs. classic 4-4-2

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    vs. classic 4-4-2 do u guys usualy play against classic 4-4-2? I usualy play 4-4-2 but this guy...i realy need to beat him and i need something stronger bcus its next round CL, i do have more quality then him tho. I cant play 3-5-2 V style cus i dont have AML player. Any other tactic you recomend? =)

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    4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond is usually good vs 4-4-2.
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    3-4-1-2 is also another good option, don't motivate the MR/ML though, normal mentality, through the centre, own half with zonal, short passing, No O/S, force counter can be used but see how you go first. You can also put a down arrow on the centre DC just to sweep behind the other two DC's incase the random move comes where one striker passes to the other after beating the defender and is one v one with the keeper.
    If his MR/ML are getting to advanced positions and running at the DC's your own MR/ML are getting caught up field add down arrows to them.
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