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Thread: Browse through higher lvl teams on my server?

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    Browse through higher lvl teams on my server?

    As title that possible? through the cup competition i can browse teams that are at the same lv or 1 above me. I can barely find suitable players there. Even if there are..they might not be for sale....Is there any way to browse teams higher lv than me 2 3 + on the same server? Been a lot of talking about servers and i cant see where i server notification etc...

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    build in stages..
    make friends when they bid, or from friend opponents in cup games.
    When you come across one higher up , go to his league table and befriend there.
    Watch out for higher level opposition in cup games and follow them to their league table.
    Eventually you will have minimum level at 2 above ( but only selected managers).
    Three above should be the ideal level to tap into.

    Support them and pamper them by letting them pimp you at friendlies.
    I just bought my first player from a friend at mkt extras.

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    Look in Negotiations, you can see players that way too.

    Also keep in mind you can only buy players 3-5* for you level, only Mr. Scout has the 6*
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    how to see teams 3 levels above you

    go through negotiations, select a player

    click "make offer" and check the level of the player's owner

    A 2* player for him could be a 5* player for you.

    So, if this works, you will see a person who is 3 levels above you.

    Click on his name to see his profile, go to standings and you now have 14 teams who are 3 levels above you to browse through.
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