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Thread: κατι παει πολυ στραβα εδω περα....

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    κατι παει πολυ στραβα εδω περα....

    παιζω προημιτελικο κυπελλου με ομαδα 7 μοναδες υποδεεστερη εχψ κατοχη συνολικα στα 2 παιχνιδια 120-80 και σουτ 35-26 κσι τελικα χανω συνολικα 5-1!!!!!!!μιλαω και με αλλα παιδια και εχουν γινει πολυ χειροτερα.....τι να πω?μην μου απαντησετε εκπληξεις συμβαινουν ετσι ειναι το ποδοσφαιρο κλπ....δεν ειδα εγς καμμια εκπληξη 1-5 συνολικο σκορ στο κυπελλο πουθενα παγκοσμιως μοο εδω γινονται αυτα τα μαγικα....θα δω πως θα συνεχισει και μετα μαλλον θα παμε για αλλο παιχνιδι εγω και γυρω στους 1500 ελληνες που εχουμε μαζευτει σε μια σελιδα και το συζηταμε....ειλικρινα λυπαμαι για τον χρονο που σας αφιερωσα...

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    Couldn't agree more

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    Where is the swear police when you need them? There must be a swear word in there somewhere?

    Sorry Makis don't think you will get an answer in here, English only my friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigB79 View Post
    Where is the swear police when you need them? There must be a swear word in there somewhere?
    Just because someone does not use English as a first language doesn't mean that they are going to swear.

    In fact most people can say what they feel on a forum without feeling the need to swear.

    I'm sure this poster is making his point in a perfectly polite and reasonable way. Why wouldn't they.

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    'Played a quarter final game against a team 7 points lower and the possession total in two games was 120-80 and shots 35 to 26 and the aggregate score was 5-1!! I've spoken with other people about this and it's becoming very hard/ tough and becoming much worse ..... what to say; do not tell me surprises happen in football, etc. ... I did not see surprise 1-5 aggregate scores in the cup anywhere.


    ( I'd like to answer that by saying Barca v Bayern, Dortmund v Real).
    It's in Greek and that's what I've deduced, I'm assuming he lost 5-1 on aggregate with superior stats.

    And you two above me, need your heads banging together
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