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Thread: I Hate the 3 for 1 videos

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    I Hate the 3 for 1 videos

    Watching videos for tokens can be annoying, but the 3 videos for 1 token deal is especially annoying. Not just because only about 60% of them actually get counted. Not just because there often are only 1 or 2 videos. Not just because a lot of them actually open another page that takes longer to load than it does to play the video. Not just because sometimes the videos are 10-15 minutes long and more than half the time those videos don't get counted. Not just because you get all these little extra conditions - you have to share this, or like that, or click this link ... Not just because you get some that require a download (as if. no way i'm putting that adware/spyware/malware on my PC). No .. it's all of that. You end having to go through a half dozen videos with all these little annoyances to get 1 stinking token. That's frustrating.
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    Yes I hate it as well, when I first started playing Top Eleven is was 1 token for 1 video, or you didn't have this points system that token ads have where you have to watch 4 videos on average to get a token, its only supersonic ads and sponsorpay (white background) that do it right.

    But hey, If I am still getting free tokens and free boosters from facebook, then all is well.
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    You are right xD, but what else can we do? Buying tokens is out of question (at least for me) cause wasting money for an online game isn't reasoning.
    Download offers are bad, i've never got anything from them, even after sending proofs. 3x1 videos are sometimes bad, but i've received some tokens from them. Maybe because i often got videos that are around 2/3 minutes. Sometimes matomy also give 1x1 videos that can give you tokens even before finishing watching them.
    To summarize matomy videos are still better than others that require 100 point for 1 token.

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    Pretty good that 'Razz' accurate to boot.
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    I have like 10 videos at this moment, also always when I had like that (even when I didn't had tokens), I didn't watched them, the main problem with this videos is they are soooooo long, one time I found one who had almost 1h )
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