CSKA Sofia Managed by player from Gurkovo in Bulgaria is deliberately failing to put a full team of 11 out thus awarding the game to the opponent, in such cases penalty clauses (training Points ) should be withdrawn until such time full team is played (if it was in real league they would be penalised).
We know he is deliberately losing his league game as he is playing a full squad for the cup and Champion League games, This is unfair tactic thus improving his skills for the next league season and unfair to those coming up. This player has not had 11 players to put out for a full 7 League games, this also effects the whole league table by giving away points. Its a strategy that should be banned - you can`t tell me this is fair.
A player can still develop his squad by training his subs and reserves _ he does not have to put his best team out - There are players that spend quite a bit of Money on tokens only for them to go up in the league to find a manager with massive skill points. unfair and for what so he can win the league. This does not give other managers any chance at all and the game will probably end up losing players because of it.