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Thread: Friend List On The Game

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    Dear Player

    I was open the game on my phone ...... is ok I win the match, But I went to look on My Fixtures and I saw one off my friend is add a Friendly Match. So that is ok

    When I look BACK to have a look at My Fixtures, I saw my friend is making bad move!
    Friend List On The Game-capture1.jpg

    And I have a look Friend's Fixtures. She have a draw on the League Match
    Friend List On The Game-capture3.jpg

    " I don't know it will make my League Match on side effects, because I not 24 hour open the Top Eleven " Then I saw the Friendly Match is ok we had a draw and have extra time ...... and he Win it, for this Friendly Match I don't care
    Friend List On The Game-capture4.jpg

    Today My League Match, as you can see she is on the Spectators list @@
    But is not Supported me, on my match!
    Friend List On The Game-capture5.jpg

    And one-thing, We are top tow Standing in the League, because today she have a draw on the League Match
    Friend List On The Game-capture2.jpg

    Guys! Should I Unfriend

    I kindly want to make a shootout here to Wheeza Reza
    Friend List On The Game-capture6.jpg

    Dear Reza,

    "Please Be Professional"


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    I think he/she didn't break the rules, but if you get annoyed just unfriend her.
    Btw is she your 'real friend' ? If yes it's funny..

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    She is not my real friend!