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Strangely I had 80% posession without it moving off until a friend from last season's cup joined my side.......then my posession dropped?!?!?!?

Thought it was someone purposefully trying to lose or jacked it in and left a silly team until deleted etc.
That's weird .. with 3 flankers per side it's an illegal formation and should have stayed at 80% unless you switched to an illegal formation too or he switched to a legal one.

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It sound like an abandoned team playing a rather odd formation to begin with, usually GK out of position means abandoned, or they are "tanking" a season. They can still be tough if it's good players, but when the GK isn't in gol it's automatic possession advantage.
I don't believe so. When I see an otherwise unexplainable 80/20 possession, this has always been the case, BUT in testing it doesn't result in 80/20 for me. I still don't know what the actual effect is.