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Thread: Keep the new transfer market

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    Keep the new transfer market

    I dont agree with the people angry at the new changes.

    and no I dont want to keep the discussion going in the what happened to the old transfer market thread because I dont care about that discussion and dont want to add to it, so I want this thread to exist where we talk about the new and improved transfer market.

    Its funny that they close all these threads about the bringing back the old one because they want to consolidate feedback, but they dont give a crap about any of the feedback for other issues. priorities ladies!!!!!

    I like this new transfer market because it is negative and will cause people to quit the game. how much more honest can I be? they actually implemented a change that negatively affects their customers, but frankly I havent noticed a differenct. I dont see a player for the position I want, I wait for it and it if it doesnt come along, I just put my next best player in that position because we all know that it means nothing anyways.

    Keep the new transfer market!!!

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    only few players will quit the game .. the rest will still complain and still buy T to have a better team or to have players in the poss they want like you said

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    Please use this thread for any feedback about the current changes being tested for the transfer market:

    As for priorities, if there were an influx of new threads regarding any issue, we would do the same as with transfer market threads: make sure feedback is in one place. A thread that racks up over 10 pages is just as noticeable as 10 1-page threads on the same subject, but the difference is that when we want to refer to user feedback, nobody wastes time trying to find every single thread (and thus risking missing one).

    Also, yes, we are currently prioritizing feedback on the transfer list, because it is one of the updates being actively tested.