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Thread: Yes Jose, I am not building anything at the moment!!!!

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    Yes Jose, I am not building anything at the moment!!!!

    Accepted, now can you please STOP bugging me by popping up every time. I KNOW!!! But cant do a d@mn thing about it. Cash-Strapped cause I cant sell any players, What cash I have I am saving, in the faint hope that a decent player pops up on the Transfer List - and even then I know it will be a bidding war. I will not sack my players, and I will use my tokens to buy cash or buy more tokens, only when i see video footage of you running around butt-neked at Anfield during a Merseyside Derby!!

    So Please STOP telling me that Im not building or that my players appear well rested and really cracks me up when you tell me I have unsigned players. WTF do you want me to do?!?
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    YES jOSE at 85% my player`s are NOT well rested so they DO NOT need training, you concentrate earning money of Nordeus and I`l concentrate on my own team

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    I think they should get rid of "Referrals", "Stadiums" and "Training" pop-up, since they just doesn't make sense at all, and some people doesn't like doing power trainings and stuffs like that. Even the referrals too...


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    Seems apt because like in real life Jose just can't keep his gob shut!!
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