I have given this topic considerable after thought and feel I must add to my earlier post on Where do young players come from.As I pointed out the “birds and the bees” case on young and talented, there another breeding ground for truly gifted young players and that is the Barcelona training camp.

As this game is not about the players but more about the managers that actually manage train and guide them, the question is where do managers come from? As there are different types of managers, I would say:

Big Spender Managers: These may not be considered manages in the true sense, but rather Big City Investors, who put more into the game than what they get out of it. They abandon the Club when their managerial skills are put to the sword and file for tax claims.
Small Spender Managers: These look to extend their skills by injecting some cash into the Club. They want to compete against good teams at their uppermost level and want a decent fight.
Farmer Managers: They live in delta areas of great rivers and silt. They are all thumbs and harvest the rewards of patience and stock rotation.
35T Managers: These are the managers who wish they could compete against the above managers, at the highest level and beat the living daylights out of them, once in a while.
Junkie Managers: These are the managers who watch and support other managers in order to satisfy an itch until their scheduled match starts.
Sports Reporter Manager: These managers have photographic memory, with pics and analysis and can give you play by play, minute by minute, as it happened report writing.

If you have profiled managers, then add them here. All in fun or serious

Too all managers and Bot Teams good luck in the League .. may the goals be plentifull at both ends (or is that a candle)