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Thread: would you add as a friend or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incredipede View Post
    I never add anyone from my server.
    thats too bad because I tend to neg every so often and it is easier to neg a friend than some nobody sometimes.

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    Of course, its a matter of personal choice, but I like to have in-game friends. It makes the game more interesting, and you're almost guaranteed that they are playing regularly. To make my point, see my current league table:

    would you add as a friend or not?-current-table.jpg
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    Let me tell you my story this season...
    First opponent from CUP. I defeated him first match.. (he is Vietnamese)
    Then he sent me a friend request. Fine accepted it.
    Then, he arranged a friendly.. I won the friendly and lost the second match of the cup. Luckly on the first game
    I won by a good margin so I qualified for the next round of the Cup.

    Then he was in the same league when the list of teams was published on the 3rd day.
    That guy was playing me on round 6. He arranged a friendly before the league match.. I won... Then he changed his formation and I lost in the league.

    Today, was the second match against him on the league. Yesterday he arranged a friendly agaist me.. I won 4-2.
    He changed his formations and strategies and today we played for the league and I lost 2-3 (had win bonus 600K)... and I also lost the lead of the league.
    He is 5th or 6th at the moment...

    What I learned... In order to win the league, I will not be adding friends from the same league. Do not give any chance or weapon to your opponents to discover your weaknesses (no formation is flawless). Besides, no pro team in Europe, Brazil, Japan, etc have friendly matches with opponents of the same league or division.. so that is what I will be doing from now on.

    Also, found out that win bonus is useless... what it really matters in this game is FORMATION! Of course you need good players and strategy but on a similar level, formation is what it matters!!!

    If a long time friend get in my league (I have a friend since lv 2 and we always support each other during matches but never got in the same league or cup or CL), then I will unfriend them that season and add them at the end of the season. If they do not accept friend request anymore, so be it.

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