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Thread: Morale and training relevance

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    Morale and training relevance

    Hi everyone. Again I have a question.
    I just bought a young 5 star (soon to be 6 star) MC that is not training quickly as I expected from him. I have one young DMC that is gaining twice as much as my MC. I noticed my MC had poor morale while doing a few stretching and cardio sessions, while DMC's morale was superb. I know progressing depends on player's age. But does the skill gaining speed also depend on morale? Or does it depend on player's figure? They are both very young...

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    hi you say they are both very young 1 year of diference makes some diference in the players evolution younger players go faster .about moral even with good prize reward that you can adjust in finances. they allways loose moral wen they play or train :-))

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    I have not found morale to make a difference in training. If you look at their respective market values you can usually (not always!) guess how well they will train, if they are WAY more expensive than another the same role and age, they are more likely to train quickly. Doesn't mean they will play better however.
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    I agree with that, fast trainers don't have to be good performers. My fast trainers in my High Q team don't perform well, they're in a team where they're qualitywise not the strongest. Point is, without buying green packs they never really catch up, so I kinda feel it's a bit of a waste there, (expensive) but I'll give them another season. My fast trainers in my low Q team are the strongest (quality) in their squad and they perform outstanding. It's just sth I noticed with my teams.

    Also, like khris pointed out in another thread, wage/marketvalue ratio is the perfect way to spot a fast trainer. And it can be easily proven. A fast trainer gains quality and marketvalue rapidly while their wage stays the same for at least 1, and max 3 seasons. So, high marketvalue and low wage is what you want.