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Thread: Player Attributes and Stars

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    Player Attributes and Stars

    Hello. I am new to the game and just joined the forum. I am currently a Lvl 2 mngr and have been playing since the end of Jan 2014.

    I have a few questions about skill level (Attributes tab) and player stars... and they all may be related...

    1) In the "player card", in the attributes tab... what is the magical number, for each player skill, for the player to achieve the next star? 30? 31? 32? I often notice, whenever I add a skill point to a player their Quality will go up. I am curious to know what numbers need to be achieved, in each skill, in order to gain the next star.

    2) I am gearing up to buy my first 6* player. I read somewhere that, "when you gain a level, all your players "lose" a star, even though their actual numerical quality is still the same". So if I were to purchase a 6* player now (at a Level 2) and gain a level (to Level 3)... will that 6* player go down to a 5* or stay at a 6*? If he will go down, then I think I should wait and purchase him AFTER I am promoted to the next level. Yes?

    3) I also have read, "The best players to buy are the players with qualities that end in 4 or 9 because they are close to gaining their next star". This may answer my #1 question... but I assume that means players with a overall quality rating that end in a 14, 19, 24, 29, etc., will gain a star very soon?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.
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    There's a section in this guide that should answer all of your questions.

    1) It doesn't matter which skill you increase, as the overall quality rating is an average of all skills.

    In regards to '2'. The quality required for 5* every season will increase by 5.

    For example, if a player is 5* at 40 quality one season, then the next season will require players to be 45 quality before they are 5*.

    So your players aren't really 'losing' any quality, it's just better players are available at each level so the benchmark for quality increases.

    In regards to your question, that 6* player will be 5* next season regardless of whether you purchase him this season or next. I'm assuming you're looking at the scout list? If so, 6* players will be available next season, they'll be 7* to you now though.

    and you're correct with your assumptions in point 3.
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